Custom Frame Fitting

Every frame that we supply, including sunglasses, is adjusted to give a bespoke fit to each individual patient. All frames are measured during the initial frame selection and fine adjustments are made during the final fitting when the spectacles are collected. Common adjustments required include:

  • Frame Wrap:  Adjusted to follow the contours of the face to minimize distortion and improve vision in peripheral gaze.
  • Nose pads: Angled in both the horizontal and vertical planes to fit flat to the nasal surface, this ensures increased comfort by giving an even spread of weight.
  • Side Angle: Altered to compensate for facial asymmetry and ensure the frames look level on the face.
  • Head Width: Either increased to provide adequate grip or reduced to avoid headaches as a result of excessive pressure.
  • Side Length: This is important to secure the frames in place and avoids them sliding down the nose with head movement.



After collection you will receive ongoing aftercare for the lifetime of your new spectacles. This includes all frame adjustments, minor repairs to screws and nosepads and in addition all of our designer frames come with a 2 year warranty. Should you be unlucky enough to damage your spectacles then we are able to offer a repair service. It can be quite debilitating being without your latest prescription, and although an older pair may keep you going for a few days, remember to check your vision through them occasionally to ensure that you would be happy with the vision should your current pair break.