First we need to find the perfect frame

Our specially trained advisors will work with you on a one to one basis taking into account a whole range of factors when giving you advice, including:

  • Strength of your prescription
  • Wearing pattern
  • Lens type and use
  • Facial characteristics
  • Frame material and fit
  • Latest trends
  • Lifestyle requirements

They will help you find the perfect pair of frames that you love, leaving you not only confident about the choice you have made in terms of style but ensuring that the frame is suitable from a technical viewpoint.

If you want more than one pair of frames for different uses then simply let your advisor know so that they can help you find frames for all your needs. They can also tell you about the amazing offers we currently have.


Next is choosing the best lenses for your prescription and lifestyle

Again our trained advisors will be on hand to guide you through the process and find the lenses that best match your lifestyle needs but things you might want to consider include:

  • Do you wear your spectacles all day? Thin and light lenses will make wearing your spectacles more comfortable and improve their appearance.
  • Do you drive or use a computer? An anti-reflective coating will help reduce distracting reflections.
  • Do you suffer from glare? Polarised lenses filter out 100% of glare making it more comfortable for you to see in bright conditions.
  • What do you wear your spectacles for? A varifocal lens may prove more convenient.
  • Did you know that lenses are different and can be truly tailor-made for you? Ask about our lenses which offer superb clarity and wide fields of vision.


Finally our advisors will take frame and facial measurements to produce a pair of spectacles unique to you, providing optimum comfort and visual clarity.

There are many factors unique to you that affect the quality of vision you receive from your spectacles. Using your personal measurements a customised lens takes account of these factors and the frame size is assessed so that we can guarantee a perfect fit on collection to give ongoing comfort for the lifetime your spectacles.

To find out more about our collections, visit your local practice where you can view the latest styles.