Any of the following lens coatings can be applied to your choice of lens type to enhance the performance and durability of your new spectacles.



Hardcoated lenses are not scratchproof but do provide protection from everyday accidental damage. The life of the lens is prolonged, whilst simultaneously providing clearer vision.


Anti Reflection Coating


The surface of a lens, along with the materials they are made from, cause reflections. In fact, you can lose around 10% of light through reflections on lenses. An anti-reflection coating reduces glare, which can be particularly distracting when you are driving at night or when using a phone or computer screen. Less glare results in clearer vision and also means people can see your eyes better through your lenses. Our anti-reflection coating also comes with a hardcoat (see above) as standard.


Barbour 3D Nanotechnology Coating

This coating has all the benefits of the above anti-reflection coating but offers additional anti-static, dirt and water repellent protection. This means that the lens will remain dirt and smudge free for longer and the nanotechnology ensures the lens surface is far easier to clean than standard coated lenses.