High Street Vs. Internet

Having bricks and mortar stores located on the high street offers many distinct advantages over purchasing spectacles on the internet.


  • We have an extensive range of frames from a wide selection of brands that are in store and available for you to physically view rather than choosing your new frames from a picture on a computer screen.


  • We have trained advisors who will work with you on a one to one basis taking into account a whole range of factors when giving you advice, including strength of your prescription, wearing pattern, lens type and use, facial characteristics, frame material and fit, latest trends and your lifestyle requirements. Our team will help you find the perfect pair of frames that you love, leaving you not only confidant about the choice you have made in terms of style but ensuring that the frame is suitable from a technical viewpoint. When it comes to deciding on the best lenses, whatever your priorities, again our advisors are on hand to guide you through the process and find the lenses that are most suited to you and your chosen frame.


  • There are many factors individual to you that affect the quality of vision you receive from your spectacles. Our specially trained team will take accurate frame and facial measurements to produce a pair of customised spectacles unique to you, enabling optimum comfort and visual clarity. It is even more important to obtain such precise data if your lenses are complex, you have a strong prescription or require multifocal lenses.


  • Every frame that we supply, including sunglasses, is adjusted to give a bespoke fit to each individual patient.  Frames that fit comfortably are hardly noticed but an ill fitting pair can be the bane of your life.  Our fully trained optical advisors will ensure that your frame fits your face perfectly and that you will be trouble free for as long as you wear your frames.


  • After collection you will receive ongoing aftercare for the lifetime of your new spectacles.  This includes all frame adjustments, minor repairs to screws and nosepads and in addition all of our designer frames come with a 2 year warranty. This means that should anything go wrong you can come and see us face to face to put things right – often while you wait.


For the reasons listed above we feel it is impossible to dispense spectacles and sunglasses to acceptable standards by supplying them over the internet.  We are qualified and registered professionals and will only dispense optical products if we can do so in a proper manner that allows us to provide the essential elements described.  Our website will give you a flavour for the great products that we stock, the services we offer and all of our current offers.  Please visit your local store to view the latest ranges, receive expert advice on frames and lenses and purchase your next pair of perfectly fitting spectacles.